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Chuini Zanzibar Beach Lodge

Chuini is an experience, a lifestyle and an awakening of the spirit. It exceeds tranquility, luxury and expectation. The ‘open-to-nature’ design provides that true essence to any stay. The 360-degree view of exquisite beauty coupled with world-cl

Chuini Zanzibar Beach Lodge is nirvana on the tropical island of Unguja and the most vogueish property to grace Zanzibar’s west coast. This utopian beach escape delivers an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and comfort.

Contact Details

+27 021 427 5900

+27 21 427 5900

Our Address

Chuini Ruins, Bububu, Zanzibar 8001
Tanzania, United Republic of

-6.0903533, 39.2245606